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    I can confirm the average rate based on my experience at $2150.00. To be fair they do require a two year guarantee and that may or mayn't require the installer to water depending on who takes on that responsibility. The size class runs 2 1/2-3" and must ...

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    I think there are many words we use that did not immediately roll off our tongues; Parenchyma, Apoplast, Mitochondria, compartmentalization, so many others.   As we get used to them they get easier to say and use.   I think it also confers to our clients ...

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    RE: Terminoology

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    Are there differences between inosculation and grafting? Sent from Mail for Windows 10 ------Original Message------ Inosculation.  Interesting word that I think should part of most arborist's vobabulary but it is ...