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    SC There is no agreement whether the word "gumbo" is of French, African. or Choctaw origin. All plausible.  SC Whether the gumbo uses fish or shellfish depends on culture and proximity to the gulf. The Acadians in Canada and ME had good access to fish. ...

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    RE: National Gumbo Day

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    I am just learning the difference between Cajun and Creole food; both born in Louisiana (again, wouldn't it be nice if a Cajun stepped in now). Apparently, Cajun, derived from The Acadians, is non tomato based, and is country food. While Creole is city ...

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    And the live oaks​, including the National champion?  Now that has got to draw our members in! ------------------------------ John Leffingwell, RCA# 442 HortScience | Bartlett Consulting PleasantonCA ------------------------------