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    Randy: PA is Postural Asymmetry (or Short Leg Syndrome). It's time to go back to work! Is that why we will walk in a circle if we don't check our compasses? ------------------------------ Scott Cullen, RCA# 348 Greenwich CT 914-471-1671 ---------- ...

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    Russ: "Now it seems to me the main difference is the little leg on the R in TRAQ." Marty: "one little "-" and that is the only difference? Not much of a difference in my book. PA and PAL are already taken Scott" Scott: "PA is a state. PA is a ...

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    PA is a state. PA is a Physician's Assistant. PA is Port Authority. PA is Professional Association. They all seem to co-exist. PA <> PAM (a non-stick cooking spray). PA <> PAQ. PA <> PAT see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAT PA is a public address ...