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2019 Annual Conference


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    I think I thank you for that Mark. I think I thought that, given my thinking on it, perhaps I did not think it through and now I know that's how I was so thoughtfully precievied. I think I'll try a little harder next time. Marty Shaw, RCA ...

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    MP2 Yup.  How do we find consistency in the unit cost?  The old way?  Wholesale, retail, installed?  When wholesale.  Why wholesale and now retail?  Why retail, but not wholesale?  Oh, I am working for the plaintiff or the claimant so I will use retail ...

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    RE: TFM vs TFT

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    You said a lot, Marty.    What if with a capital " lF " you said:   "I think consistency in theory, methods, practice, procedure  and techniques, improved credibility"- "I think yes , we should strive for consistency and improvement in these ...